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About Us

Duckydaddles Soaps is owned and operated by Fran Kelly.  ​I am dedicated to providing beautiful, hand crafted soaps made with the finest ingredients and with the most attractive packaging.  


20170108-133232.jpg​My whole life has been about art. My early years included sketching and painting; college years were devoted to fashion design (graduating from Parsons School of Design); my twenties were all about weaving and pottery; throughout my adult years I’ve spent time making candles, dolls, miniatures, watercolor and oil paintings, and assorted crafts; and in my later years I’ve devoted my time to photography and computer art (tubes, kaleidoscopes, backgrounds). And now, SOAP!!

I love the chance to be creative with soaps. I’m enjoying playing with different colors, scents, textures, and molds. I even enjoy packaging my soaps in creative ways.

Starting in 2015, I took to watching hundreds of hours of soap making videos on YouTube.  I just love YouTube "University."  I’ve learned a lot, but enjoy the continual learning and experimentation that goes with making soaps. 

In May 2016 I turned 80 years young!  Having my own small business has been a dream of mine for so many years.  And having  a website...well that just about completes my bucket list!!  I’ve been focusing on melt & pour (glycerin soaps), but am looking forward to getting into cold process soaps, as well as lotions and potions.


With much help from my daughter, Lianna, I was able to launch my website in September 2015.  She continues to manage the website and is always looking for inventive ways to market my soap business.  When she's not working on soaps, you'll find her at the Reference Desk of the Queens Public Library. 



Lianna and her daughter, Rebecca, have also started a side business called Lambkin's Candles.  You can find their delightful "Classic Book" inspired soy candles on my website.  And they just launched their Foxy Woxy Natural Spa collection in my Spa Section.

Please bookmark www.duckydaddlessoaps.com and follow me on Facebook.  I will be posting my latest products on Facebook.  I look forward to your comments as I continue on this artistic journey.

About the names


​The name Duckydaddles was given to me by my mother when I was a little girl.   My daughter chose to name their candle line Lambkin's Candles, because my mother used to call all her grandchildren and great grandchildren her lambkins.  Also, my daughter followed her into the field of librarianship.  Thanks mom for the whimsy!